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Self-determination: Adolescents who are allowed and encouraged to make their own choices and see that their choices are respected, establish a stronger foundation for an independent, genuine personality than adolescents who were not allowed or supported to do so.

Attention: Each participant receives, in a playful way, the personal attention needed to discover their own talent, or to dare to formulate it. Focussed loving attention gives participants the reassurance that they are valued, just as they are, and that they matter –to others and to the world, and this makes people dare to challenge old limits and to grow and blossom.

Co-creation is a form of open innovation in which Mountain Child Care empowers these adolescents to make important life-changing decisions. The structure of the QuestTrek® program is fixed, yet the content is always flexible. Powered by the ideas, insights and experiences of individual participants, the content is continuously adapted by the program leaders to meet the needs of new participants and to incorporate new learning acquired on the path. The youth are thus both participant and director of their own QuestTrek®. Co-creation reinforces the commitment of the participants to their own learning goals.