Go on a QuestTrek® with Mountain Child Care

How does an orphan teenager in Nepal, growing up without parents, deal with the challenges life brings? Without a family, without a home, with no social safety net and no money or possibility to earn any. To give these children the chance of a better future, Mountain Child Care is offering them a one year personal leader schip programme, which starts with a QuestTrek, a 6-day hike in the Himalaya. You can join this award winning programme.

QuestTrek dates 2018


  • QuestTrek 1: April 17 – 22 Helambu Classic (full)
  • QuestTrek 2: April 17 – 22 Anapurna (full)
  • QuestTrek 3: April 28 – May 3  Annapurna (full)
  • QuestTrek 4: April 30 – May 5  Helambu Classic (full)
  • QuestTrek 5: May 10 – 15  Annapurna (full)


  • QuestTrek 6: October 13 -  18 Helambu Classic Classic (full)
  • QuestTrek 7: November 22 – 27 Helambu Classic (some places available)
  • QuestTrek 8: December 3 – 8  Helambu Classic (some places available)

What is a QuestTrek?

A QuestTrek is a six day hike, through the Himalayas. Nepalese teenagers without parents and foreign participants aged 16-23 years go hiking in search of their special talents. Accompanied by a skilled staff, everyone carries their own backpack and develops and completes their own personal development plan. The follow-up programme, QuestTribes,  are the safe learning community in which Nepalese participants continue to develop and start realizing their Personal Development Plan and thus their potential. QuestTribes consists of six interactive and bonding group coaching days in which the youths can focus on their personal goals. The one year personal leadership programme gives these youth the capability to make their talent work after leaving their shelter homes. The Quest Trek Kit explains how interested young adults can apply and make the QuestTrek possible for the Nepalese participants. For foreign participants the intense encounter with oneself, the Nepalese youths and the totally different culture, the QuestTrek is a life changing experience.

Go on a QuestTrek!

Do you want to go on a QuestTrek in the mountains of Nepal? You can! We have these options:

- To go from your school or study, click here.
- Young adults who are looking for an awesome personal leadership program in Nepal, click here.
- Adventurous professionals who are interested in our personal leadership program, click here.
- Do you want to support our mission in another way? You can see our options for support here.

Do you have a question or would you like more information? Please email or call Mark Simons. He’s happy to help you!

Watch below a short film in which our founders present the QuestTrek.