stap 3 coaching design

Step 3. QuestTribes

The follow-up programme, QuestTribes, officially starts within six weeks after the QuestTrek®. QuestTribes are the safe learning community in which Nepalese participants continue to develop and start realizing their Personal Development Plan and thus their potential. QuestTribes consists of six interactive and bonding group coaching days in which the youths can focus on their personal goals. There is a six weeks gap between  each QuestTribes in which the participants work on challenges, assignments or enquiries that they are given during a QuestTribes day. In this way the youth can work on their personal goals and can ‘practice’ and evaluate in real life what they really want to do and change, which challenges they face and how they cope with them. Each QuestTribes day has a variety of activities regarding the implementation of the 5-years plan they developed during the QuestTrek®. QuestTribes supports participants to deal with certain emotions, old convictions and habits. It is also a supportive network of fellow Questers and a safe haven where they can share their doubts, challenges and experiences.