Bikalpa Center

The office of Mountain Child Care in Nepal can be found in Lalitpur at the Bikalpa Art center.

Bikalpa center









Amitayus Trekking

When we came to know about this noble cause we were immensely delighted. Organizing treks for Mountain Child Care gives Amitayus Trekking the possibility to bring our children of Nepal into contact with the immense potential of nature. The core idea to help and motivate underprivileged children really touched us. Therefore we are happy to contribute our efforts in any means we can with purely unselfish reasons. Based on our positive and professional working experiences with Marianne and Mark in the past, we are confident we can make every Quest Trek a grand success.

Robin Chamlin, Managing Director, owner.

The Black Pepper Café & Pub, Nepal Angels’ Home,

“I was really moved when I came to know about the Mountain Child Care project. The vision behind it fulfills a great need right now. It can really help Nepalese children in the long run. I personally feel that many organizations focus their education, but still too little on assessing their personal qualities and abilities. If we make their talent work today, they can lead our country tomorrow. Therefore I feel that business communities and other people of Nepal should have a hand in hand support to make it a success. For example by offering traineeships and in a later stage job opportunities.”

Deepak Shrestha, Managing Director of Black Pepper Cafe & Pub and former chairman of Nepal Angels’ Home.

Namaste Children’s House,

“The vision ‘Everyone is born with a particular talent’ is the foundation stone of the Quest Treks, and we are certain the program will help our children to spot their talent and learn lifelong lessons that develop joy, confidence and trust. Much of the education here in Nepal lacks practical knowledge or experience. Not this program. Therefore it is a key instrument in our re-intergration program. It helps them to develop even more positive attitudes towards work, towards life and towards the society and to handle the ups and downs of ‘normal’ life.”

Visma Raj Paudel, Founder President.

Hamro Gaun,

“ We found that the project of MCC is suitable for the elder children of our children’s home, as Hamro Gaun is searching for a technique to mobilize the children to their good future. We found that the self realization aspect of the MCC is corresponding to our idea for the future guidelines of the children. This Quest Trek can be a very good initiation point to start the children to think of their career or their personal plan. So, we join the program of MCC.”

Parmesh Malla, Project Officer.