Mountain Child Care is a Dutch-registered charitable trust controlled by a board of trustees.

Chairman: David Vriesendorp, MA

David is an ex-managing director of Amnesty International Netherlands and SOS-Children’s Villages Netherlands. Currently he chairs the Supervisory Board of Plan Netherlands and is a director of the consultancy company Ebb & Flood, that helps entrepreneurs to develop a corporate code of ethics.

“David Vriesendorp, born to the West of Utrecht shortly after the Second World War. Father of three adult sons and happily married to my childhood sweetheart.

Children played a central role during my time as director of SOS-Children’s Villages Netherlands and still do now that I chair the Supervisory Board of Plan Netherlands. We borrow the Earth from our children, from all children, including orphans in Nepal, and we have a responsibility to make the World a little better.”

Secretary: Patrick Kemps, BA

Administrative Coordinator Top tennis at the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Federation, co-founder of the catering business De Smakelaardij and ex-coordinator and tour leader for Cirkel Holland (holidays for adolescents and single-parent families).

“By my ‘Cirkel Holland heart’ and ‘Smakelaardij papillae’’ I can tell that a ‘food for thought’ with Mountain Child Care can mean a step forward in life for Nepalese youngsters.

Treasurer, Mark van der Graaf, MA,

Consultant in the field of hospital mergers and alliances and former Principal at the Boston Consultancy Group, an international consultancy group specializing in strategic issues.

“Mountain Child Care appeals to me because it brings together three aspects in life that matter to me: initiative, investing in people and passion for mountain hiking. M & M commit themselves, with heart and soul, to making these adolescents more independent and do so in a creative, innovative manner, that is based on mutual exchange. And I have a more emotional driver: all Nepalese children should have the chance to see the Himalaya’s.

Member, Hannah Schröder BA,

Founder of the communication agency Brand!

“After studying Communication Science at Amsterdam University, I worked for an advertising agency and subsequently for VNU Magazines. After that I founded Brand!, a group of competent freelancers that advises magazines about developing new concepts, positioning, branding and identity. This remains challenging and rewarding. More and more I feel an inner orientation towards a different kind of communication: away from the clichés of meeting targets and towards presence and touching people’s hearts. This feeds and in return is fed by my yoga practice, as teacher and student: I try not just to talk life, but to walk it.”

Member, Sander Tideman MA,

Sander Tideman’s mission is to empower people that want to make a positive change in society to develop leadership to make it sustainable. He has been inspired by oriental cultures, especially in the Himalaya, where he has been active for many years initiating aid-projects and leadership journeys.  After a successful career as an international lawyer and banker, of which he spent nine years in Asia, he implements his mission by consulting, reseach and enterpreneurship. He is associated with to the Nyenrode Business University as Assistent Professor Sustainable Leadership and Governance.