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Logo_Molenaars_KinderfondsThe Molenaars Kinderfonds that “finances small projects that make children’s lives better and more enjoyable. Children are powerful, but often their circumstances hinder the child to develop. Our goal is to create opportunities for children so that they become resilient, self-reliant and less dependent. It is important that the project is developed with and highly supported by the local community and partner organization.

Mountain Child Care helps Nepalese young people to take their future in their own hands and this is consistent with our goal. That MCC aims to have Nepalese management by 2018, is consistent with our ideas about an exit strategy. This is a reason for us to support the first fully Nepalese Quest Trek financially.’ Learn here about the report written by our youth coach Bipana Dhimal.

Edward Wielens, for his generous offer to sponsor Mark’s salary and flight tickets during the Pilot phase.

Hans Edens, who skated 140 kilometres on the Weissensee for Mountain Child Care (and all that supported him).

Myrna Looise, who gave her birthday donations to Mountain Child Care.