Go on a Quest Trek  in Holland

Quest Trek  Young Leadership

Following the resounding success of the Quest Treks  in Nepal, Mountain Child Care has materialized its longfelt wish to bring the Quest Trek to The Netherlands. In 2014 the founders of Mountain Child Care, established MyQuest. MyQuest is a social enterprise that aims at integrating personal leadership into the Dutch education system. With MyQuest you can walk a Quest Trek in The Netherlands. MyQuest sponsors Mountain Child Care, and enables with you that in Nepal a youngster can walk a Quest Trek too. During the visit of HH Dalai Lama to the Netherlands in 2014 MyQuest and Mountain Child Care were selected ‘best practise’  at the international symposium on educational innovation ‘Education of the heart’.  This was helt at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

MyQuest organizes Quest Treks in Holland, bringing personal leadership to young adults to The Netherlands. Youngsters from 17 up to 23 years, get the opportunity to trek, with 11 companions, for five days, across De Achterhoek, in the Eastern part of Holland. This trek, through perhaps one of the most beautiful areas of Holland, will give you some wonderful opportunities to:

-          come out of your daily routines,
-          meet a nice group of young people,
-          become aware of and experience your talents,
-          discover your red thread in life,
-          pay attention to who you are and how you can deploy your talents in your life,
-          dwell on your own life and what you, from your own strength, want to contribute to it,
-          know from deeply inside you, what your plans are for the next few years and
-          to develop willpower, perseverance and decisiveness.

In other words, you experience your own talents, make a 5-years plan and get  intrinsically motivated  to make them work. After the Quest Trek participants are asked if they want to raise €250,- in their network, enabling one Nepalese young adult to go a Quest Trek in Nepal. Thus MyQuest provides constant financial support for the Mountaain Child Care Foundation.

A Quest Trek is an amazing experience for youngsters who orientate to a (new) study or their first job, who have more questions than answers, or want to prepare for an independent livelihood in which they are able to and dare to show who they are.

Dates Quest Treks
Check the dates of the Quest Treks on the website of MyQuest or on the Facebook page of MyQuest. If you like the Facebook page, MyQuest will update you about upcoming Quest Treks® , Quest Days, the trainings of the Quest Trek®  Academy  and (free) workshops.

Location: de Achterhoek. We start in hamlet of Lievelde and will walk in about 60 kilometers around the town of  Winterswijk, merely walking  unpaved paths.

Age: 17 – 23 years.

Equipment: You carry your own backpack (minimum of 60 liter), sleepbag and mattras. After your application you will receive an equipment list.

Costs:  € 895,- ex VAT. All meals, overnights and three professional supervisors are included in this price.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact Mark Simons! He’s happy to help you.