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School Quest Trek in Nepal 

Schools that donate €1,950 can send a scholar or teacher to join an Mountain Child Care Quest Trek in Nepal as a foreign participant. The scholar participates in the Quest Trek and is helped to make a professional short film about the Trek to present at school, thus crossing cultural borders. Mountain Child Care offers this opportunity to schools, in the first place because international attention for the cause of city orphans enhances their students’ personal development. Secondly, awareness abroad of the plight of inner-city Nepalese orphans contributes to a broader base of support for them. MCC’s founders are passionate about the benefits of open and meaningful cultural exchange, in particular through shared experience. Interested schools can learn many inspiring fundraising ideas by contacting Mark Simons. This exchange program will leave an indelible impression on all who participate and could result in lifelong friendships.

  • - A teacher or parent can accompany the scholar at cost price.
  • - Age: 16 to 23 years.
  • - Good knowledge of English is compulsory.
  • - Suitable for secondary schools interested in cultural exchange and development and schools that are looking for a new  destination for their annual sponsor activities.
  • - A €1,950 donation makes it possible for one Nepalese participant to complete a 3-years programme including Quest Trek, coaching and a traineeship. This programme costs  at €750 per young adult. Cost for the foreign scolar is €1200.

Download the Quest Trek Kit to start and plan your adventure.