The NGO employs two trainees, two volunteers and five staff members: founder director Mark Simons, a Nepalese programme manager, two    Nepalese youth coaches and our country liason and coach in Nepal Hedda Steenhauer.

Apart Mountain Child Care relies on a well trained flex-pool of Nepalese youth coaches. They also coach our Nepalese Questers during and after the QuestTrek® and work as free-lancers. Our programme manager carries responsibility for the contact with our partner organizations, the planning and organization of the QuestTreks® and the after care programma QuestTribes and the financial administration.  The youth coaches are responsible for excellent coaching of the Nepalese participants before, during the QuestTrek® ánd equally important, QuestTribes, so that these young adults thrive and live from there talents.  Country liason Hedda Steenhauer is a servant leader that supports the Nepalese team in their daily work so that the Nepalese Questers can re-integrate pro-actively and confidently.  Mark Simons  coaches Dutch Questers during QuestTreks®, gives trainings and is overall responsible for the QuestTreks®, de finance, strategy and communication.

Two to three Dutch volunteers or trainees in (appied) psychology or social work, enrich the team and reinforce cross cultural exchange. Mountain Child Care also offers internship to Nepalese students. More information on vacancies you will find here. Psychologist and certified Co-Active coach Marga Rijken shares her vast knowledge and rich experience as a volunteer to enable us to excell in our work and mission.

During a QuestTrek® the staffing will be as follows:

  • 1 or 2 Dutch coaches, one of whom cariees overall responsibility for the QuestTrek®. Mark Simons, Marianne van Wetter and/or Hedda Steenhauer: QuestTrek® leaders (carrying overall responsibility)
  • 2 or 3 Nepalese youth coaches
  • 1 or 2 coaches from the shelter homes
  • 1 Sirdar, managing the local trekking staff
  • 2 Sherpas, responsible for guiding (sub) groups, lodge reservations and rescues
  • 2 Porters, carrying a shelter tent

Marianne van Wetter PhD, founder

“Taking responsibility, relying on yourself, taking leadership over one’s life, realizing that one can choose even when  choices are limited, authenticity, attention, finding out and experiencing that everyone is gifted with a unique talent and last but not least, the inner drive to add positive value to the world: that I wish for everyone, and that is what we offer our Nepalese participants.”

Mark Simons BA, founder/director 

“Mountain Child Care is our gift to make the world better, and simultaneously it brings out the best in us. Marianne and I have felt for ourselves how hard it can be to find your own way in work and life. We have also experienced how simple and powerful life can be when shaped from one’s authentic self. This gift, that we received from several teachers, we would like to pass on. We invite Nepalese youth that might never have known the warmth of a family, to go with us on a journey towards their special talent and learn how to make it work for them.”

Hedda Steenhauer BSc, Dutch Associate Programme Leader & Trainer/Coach

team coördinator Hedda Steenhauer“The programme of Mountain Child Care offers us something which can make a real difference in someone’s life: the insight about being responsible for our own lives. The awareness a participant gains when on a QuestTrek are life-changing. During a QuestTrek we create a secure and harmonious environment, which allows the participants to dare to examine the deeper layers within themselves. My role is to commit myself to facilitating the transformation that the participants are willing to achieve. It is incredibly intense and gratifying work. Being part of the Mountain Child Care team in Nepal allows me to remain inspired about life as I am continuously made aware of the power and beauty hidden in each and everyone of us.”

Leeza Baidya BA, programme manager and youth coach


“Mountain Child Care provides young adults an opportunity to do something extraordinary, something that a lot of people cannot do. And it provides them to work on their gifts by exploring their hidden talents through treks and activities in the natural environment. The foundation works with orphans and street children who rarely have experienced working with the outside world and help them to mold their future and rehabilitate them into the mainstream society through personal development plans during the Quest Treks. This different concept, mission and vision of MCC immediately attracted me to work with Mountain Child Care. It is a privilege to work as a Youth Coach and guide the young adults towards a better future.”


Suraj Shrestha, youth coach IMG_1425

“My journey in Mountain Child Care started as a QuestTrek participant from which I was able to uncover my conscious and unconscious talent and passion of adding value to social situations. Such passions and curiosity led me to an opportunity to work with Mountain Child Care. It is a small organization, but with a vision that brings a great difference on the lives of youths. The program that we have addresses the current need of the society to help youth pursue their dreams through their talents self discovery. I am propitious to mingle around and coach youths from related but diverse backgrounds. It means, I am also developing my personal and professional skills to come closer to my dream.”

Asmita Bisunke, youth coach Asmita

“I am really happy and excited to have joined the awesome team at Mountain Child Care. My background is teaching; I always wanted to connect with young people. Now I am involved in the Mountain Child Care’s amazing process of guiding young people to embrace their inner selves with all their joys and flaws. Working as a youth coach gives me the opportunity to connect with young adults at a deeper level, to listen to their stories and guide them on the next steps in their life. By doing so I very much hope I will be contributing to making the world a better place.”