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Donor Program for individuals, companies and institutions – Silver

Personal Leadership Development Program (3 days)

The Silver program combines sponsoring Mountain Child Care with a leadership program, held in the Netherlands, for employees of the donating company. The employees, typically aged between 28 and 35, will follow a 3 day Quest Trek during which they will make an individual Inner Journey. During this journey, that also uses the social technology of Theory U (www.theoryu.com) they will discover (again) what they value in life and how they can take leadership of their own lives and how to do so, in an appropriate manner, in their work environments.

Suitable for companies that want to invest in the personal development of their employees and mirror this for the orphans in Nepal.

The Quest Treks are organized by the social enterprise MyQuest, that was mounted by the founders and coaches of Mountain Child Care. MyQuest sponsors Mountain Child Care. The coaches speak fluent English, German, Dutch and French.

For more information and bookings
Mail or call:

Marianne van Wetter                                               Marga Rijken

marianne@myquest.academy                     marga@myquest.academy

+31 6-22 047 996                                                        +31 6-295 388 48

Download a Dutch flyer of surf to the website of MyQuest. (Dutch).